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Graphic Design// All your Questions regarding GRAPHIC DESIGN

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What do you charge for your graphic design services?

Our hourly rate is $50 and is billed in thirty minute increments. We are able to provide a low hourly rate due to our minimal overhead. We're pretty flexible on alterations. If a design adjustment only takes a few minutes, we won't nickel-and-dime you (i.e., at no additional cost).

What is your payment plan for graphic design services?

For jobs with a quote of under $500, payment in full upon completion of the project and delivery of files. The remainder fee is due upon completion of the job.

For jobs with a quote of over $500, an initial payment representing one-half of the total fee is required upon signing a work contract. The remainder fee is due upon completion of the job.

What types of graphic design services do you provide?

Our types of graphic design services both print and web designs including:

  1. Branding/Logo
  2. Brochures
  3. Ads/Flyers
  4. Website Design
  5. Powerpoint Presentations
  6. T-Shirt Design
  7. Website Design

How do I see my design work as it is in progress?

If you have ordered web or print graphics for web access, you will be given their own URL (web page address) where you may view both the draft and revised stages of their project. For print jobs, we may also send you the project in the software file format of your choice, or as a PDF file that can be opened up on any computer.

All of our works-in-progress are protected by copyright laws and we digitally watermark graphic images to monitor any unauthorized use.

How will I receive my design project once it is done?

Upon approval of logo or image design and remainder payment received by the CES, you shall have the option of receiving your images via e-mail attachment, disk, and/or hard copy. We can send you the project in the software file format of your choice, or as a PDF file that can be opened up on any computer.

Transfer of full copyright will occur after receipt and clearance of final payment.

Do I own the copyright of the design work CES does for me?

All copyrights are transferred over to the client upon clearance of full payment. To continue to provide competitive rates, we entrust the client's responsibility to verify that both the artwork requested and any original designs given to Grantastic Designs will not infringe upon any statutory copyright.

Can you do rush jobs?

CES may accept rush jobs at an increase of 50%-100% increase of our standard fee, determined by the schedule and complexity of the job.

What if I decide to cancel a design job?

For design work, the client shall only be billed for the hours worked. The exception to this is a logo project (which offer fixed rates), whereas should in the event that you cancel the project after completion, a cancellation fee of 50% of the remainder due will be administered.

What formats will I receive with my design?

We can provide you with pretty much any format you will ever need. Some of the most popular and useful are jpf, png, pdf, eps, ai, psd, gif, etc.

Will my design be scalable?

We can provide vector files which will be scalable to any size using the appropriate software.

What is your usual turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project. We usually will have an initial design delivered within 24 to 48 business hours.

Can you digitize my drawing?

Yes. In most cases we can convert your rough sketch into a digital format.

What do you need from me to get going on my design?

All we need to begin working on your project is, payment, and directions or ideas on how you want your design to look.

Will I receive any revisions once you deliver the initial concept?

Yes. All of our graphic design come with 3 revisions. We will first deliver the initial concept for you to review. If you require any changes, we will address them in the 1st revision. This process repeats until you have used 3 rounds of revisions.

I need to have a design created that is not listed on your services, what do I do?

There are many design services that we may not have listed. If you have a custom request feel free to contact us with your request.

If I do not like my design after my 3 revisions are used, what are my options?

Firstly, it is very rare for us to not be able to deliver exactly what you need within 3 revisions, but if this does happen, you can always order a revision package.

How many concepts come with my design?

Our services come with only one initial concept. However, you also get 3 revisions, and are welcome to use one or all of those revisions as different concepts, but that will leave you without the revisions. If you use all of your revisions, and require additional changes you will need to order a revision package.

What is the client’s involvement in the design process?

We thoroughly discuss the project at hand with our client from the beginning. We encourage the client to bring in any samples, color combinations, etc., and ideas they may have. During the design process, the client is asked to approve certain milestones before work continues. If Think! is printing the design project we will submit a final proof for the customer’s approval before submitting to print. If approved the design job will move into production. At the conclusion of a project, the client may request the artwork in various formats.

I need something designed yesterday. Can you help me?

We can usually accommodate your rush job depending on how full our production schedule is.

I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

Call us. We’ll listen to your needs and tell you what your options are. A job may seem overwhelming until you have the right experts helping you out. We can put things in perspective and offer solutions that you may not have even considered.

I own an adult related business. Will you work with me?

Our apologies, but we do not work with companies dealing in harmful, unlawful, adult, or questionable material.

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