DPand3/Creative Edge Studio

Dpand3 or Creative Edge Studio?

Well the answer is both actually. This domain is used by Creative Edge Studio (CES) as a development work area for clients. So most likely if you are here your project is linked here. Feel free to check out any other customers site, if you are curious. Understand that any project posted here is still in the development stage and may be completely different by the time it is launched. Also be respectfully of other clients information. All information is the property of that client and/or CES.

Oh and by the way, that is not our receptionist, to the right. It's a stock image i photoshopped our logo in to make it look like an employee. If you need "fake" employees for your site, let me know. They are much cheaper than the "real" kind. So if you call CES you are going to get some ugly dude instead.


Link to JDCP MX Test Site


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